​​​​Programs / Events Involving Minor Children

DePaul University hosts a variety of programs and activities involving minor children. In order to promote the safety and general welfare of all minor children (Minors) participating in programs taking place at DePaul or under the authority of the university conducted elsewhere, the office of Compliance & Risk Management oversees the registration process to ensure compliance of the Protection of Minor Children policy.

DePaul University Protection of Minor Children Policy​​​ policy requires that:

  • all Programs involving Minors be registered with Compliance & Risk Management,
  • all Programs involving Minors follow the policy requirements, and
  • any violations of this policy be reported in accordance with university policies.
Lincoln Park Campus

Registration Login

DePaul Users are required to log in to the registration system. External Users are required to enter all information at time of registration.

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DePaul Users

For information and requirements for DePaul University events/programs involving Minors, please refer to the link below.

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External Users

External entities hosting an event on university property which includes Minors, please follow the guidelines listed on the link below.

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