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All DePaul University programs, research and events with participants under the age of 18 (Minors) should be registered six weeks in advance. Programs for prospective or admitted students, recruiting, events for the general public that Minors attend under the continuous supervision of their parent(s) or chaperone(s) and Vincentian Service Day, are not required to register.

For assistance in the registration process, please refer to the following information.

Programs involving Minors must provide adequate supervision by Authorized Adults. Adequate supervision will vary depending on the nature of the Program and the age of the Minors. In general, however, adequate supervision should reflect the following ratios:

  • Age 8 and Under 1 Authorized Adult for every 8 Minors
    Age 9-13 1 Authorized Adult for every 10 Minors
    Age 14-17 1 Authorized Adult for every 12 Minors
  • Background checks – DPU faculty, staff and students listed with Primary or Direct Responsibility are to have current criminal and sex offender background checks on file. Background checks are current if performed within the last four years. If a background check is needed, the Office of Human Resources will contact the listed adult to begin the updating process. Learn more about the background check policy​.
  • General Compliance Training(GCT)– All DPU faculty, staff and students are required to complete this annual training. 
  • Adult Primary/Direct/Authorized criteria 
    • Authorized Adult: Any person over the age of 18 who is in compliance with the requirements of this policy.
    • Direct Responsibility: Responsibility for Program operations or Program supervision on a regular basis.
    • Primary Responsibility: Management, supervisory or oversight responsibility for a Program.

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