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Update on DePaul's analysis of new Title IX regulations

Take Care DePaul

As you may know, in early May, the Department of Education released its new regulations relative to compliance with Title IX, the federal law that has required equity in access to education since 1972. While the Office of Gender Equity and others at the university had been expecting this information for quite some time, we continue to analyze and weigh the many aspects it encompasses, which include directives that are mandatory as well as those that will be decided campus-by-campus on an individualized basis.  

At least for the immediate future, DePaul University's expectations for employees to report sexual misconduct and harassment, found in the existing Sexual & Relationship Violence Prevention and Response policy, will remain unchanged:  

"All DePaul faculty and staff who have not otherwise been designated as confidential reporting resources are 'responsible employees.' Title IX requires that when a responsible employee learns of sex discrimination, including sexual or relationship violence, that individual is required to promptly advise the Title IX Coordinator or other appropriate designees. Because of this, please note that, although DePaul takes survivor confidentiality very seriously, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed when informing DePaul employees who have not otherwise been designated as confidential reporting resources of incidents of sexual or relationship violence."  

Please see the Title IX website for a list of Deputy Title IX Coordinators as well as others within the Office of Gender Equity staff. Our office continues its work remotely in this time of virtual operations.  

Our team will update the university community of other substantive decisions stemming from the new regulations periodically throughout the summer, as we approach the August 14, 2020, effective date mandated by the Department of Education. Those who have questions now may send them to, and we will answer as best we can during this thorough review process.