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Diversity groups celebrate 2018 graduates

The DePaul University Black Leadership Coalition, also known as DPUBLC, promotes unity among staff, faculty, students and alumni of African descent through sponsorship, cooperation and participation in programs of widespread community dialogue, uplift and social action. DPUBLC's overarching goal is to provide a nurturing environment for enhanced recruitment, retention and success of our constituents. (Image courtesy of Darryl Arrington)
​​This year, a number of DePaul's diversity groups- including DPUBLC, the Center for Latino Reserach and ELEVATE - hosted events honoring their 2018 graduates.

The Center for Latino Research 2018
The Center for Latino Research reflects the commitment of DePaul University to extend classroom learning and research to public and community service. CLR's goal is to open and sustain dialogues which invest in the empowerment and recognition of Latinx communities. The CLR has housed the Latinx Graduation Celebration since its inception 22 years ago. The celebrations serves and recognizes graduating Latinx students and their achievements. (Image courtesy of Elizabeth Avila)
DePaul's Asian/Asian American Professional Community, also known as ELEVATE, serves faculty and staff at DePaul University in order to build an engaged Asian/Asian American campus community and to increase the community's visibility and influence throughout the institution. ELEVATE is committed to institutional advocacy on behalf of our community, strategic networking to enhance our community and developmental programming to empower our community. (Image courtesy of Laura Kina)