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COVID-19 vaccine update

Nurse administers COVID-19 vaccine
(DePaul University/Randall Spriggs)

The Chicago Department of Public Health announced on Wednesday vaccination distribution phase 1c, which will include higher education employees and Chicagoans with underlying conditions, will begin as expected on March 29.

Because of limited supply in Chicago, it may be difficult for newly eligible people to get an appointment soon after the phase begins. CDPH expects those eligible for phase 1c to be able to make an appointment in April or, more likely, May.

CDPH also shared the following regarding phase 1c eligibility:

  • Only Chicago residents in phase 1c are eligible to receive a vaccine at City of Chicago vaccination sites.
  • Non-Chicago residents who are eligible for the city's phase 1c should check with their healthcare provider.

DePaul will share more information about phase 1c availability once it's available. We are seeking clarity on access to the vaccine for university employees who are not Chicago residents. The state plans to release information regarding phase 1c on a state-wide basis.​

Phase 1c also includes Chicagoans with certain underlying medical conditions. Under the state of Illinois plan, which differs from Chicago's, Illinois residents with certain underlying medical conditions living outside Chicago already are eligible to receive a vaccine. If this applies to you, please check the state's eligibility website and the CDPH eligibility site. The CDPH list includes more underlying conditions than the state's. 

Please also keep these important points in mind:

  • Appointments for people eligible in phase 1c will not be available until March 29.
  • Phase 1c includes faculty, staff and student employees.
  • We expect the general student population to be included in phase 2, which is estimated to begin on May 31.

DePaul will continue sharing information as it is available. Please remember information and resources also can be found on DePaul's COVID-19 Vaccine webpage and the Chicago Department of Public Health website.

Employee survey results

DePaul is pleased 92 percent of faculty, staff and student-employee respondents to a February survey either have received or plan to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Two-thirds of the remaining employees are undecided. The university will continue to provide updates and vaccine information to help people make informed decisions.

DePaul fielded the survey to gauge employees' interest in receiving the vaccine and learn how the university could address gaps in vaccine education. Nearly 50 percent of all faculty, staff and student-employees responded to the survey.

Those who responded affirmatively about wanting to receive the vaccine say they are motivated to protect the people they love, themselves and their communities. People also are eager for a "return back to normal."

The university plans to survey the general student population in spring quarter.

DePaul strongly encourages all eligible faculty, staff and students to be vaccinated for COVID-19 at their first opportunity. Getting vaccinated will help keep you from getting sick with COVID-19 and will also help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Remember you can find all the latest DePaul updates about the vaccine on the COVID-19 Vaccine webpage