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COVID-19 vaccine update clarification

COVID 19 update

The Chicago Department of Public Health recently notified DePaul that employees of higher education institutions are expected to be included in phase 1c, the next step in its COVID-19 vaccine distribution rollout. The city recently entered phase 1b of its plan, which includes frontline essential workers, such as law enforcement, fire fighters and bus drivers.

The upcoming phase 1c is expected to include all university employees, regardless of their classification as faculty or staff, and student employees whose work requires them to be on campus. Please note the city's vaccine distribution plan and the availability of vaccines continue to change. We expect further clarification from the city as more supplies become available and we get close to phase 1c, especially as it pertains to student employees whose jobs require them to be on campus.

Please also keep in mind only people who fall under the city's phase 1a or 1b can schedule vaccine appointments at this time. Appointments for phase 1c are not available. While the city estimates phase 1c could begin March 29, its vaccination distribution timeline is subject to change. The best source of information on the city's plans is its Va​ccine Distribution Phases website.

DePaul will share new updates with faculty, staff and students as soon as they become available. DePaul encourages every member of its community to receive the vaccine as soon as they are able and will continue to advocate on the community's behalf with respect to vaccine distribution.