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From the President: Celebrating Juneteenth

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(DePaul University/Jeff Carrion)
In recognition and celebration of Juneteenth, today's issue of Newsline features two essays written by members of our DePaul community. The first piece, authored by Professor Lori Pierce from the Department of African and Black Diaspora Studies, explores the history of Juneteenth and how recent events are bound to change the nature of the holiday. The second piece, authored by Cory Barnes, coordinator for DePaul's Black Cultural Center, shares observations on the importance of Juneteenth and its significance in view of the current national dialogue.

I would like to thank both authors for their willingness to help us better understand the origins and reflect on the meaning of this day. I encourage and invite all members of the DePaul community to read both essays here:

Juneteenth: A celebration of resistance, by Lori Pierce, associate professor in the Department of African and Black Diaspora Studies

Juneteenth: A personal reflection, by Cory Barnes, coordinator for the Black Cultural Center