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Global Engagement launches fluency certificate, welcomes associate director for Latin American initiatives

More than 360 attendees from 30 countries around the world attended the 2019 International Virtual Exchange Conference, co-organized by DePaul. (Image courtesy of Global Engagement)

Did you know DePaul has a new Global Fluency Certificate? Interested in the 2020 International Virtual Exchange Conference? Get the latest from Global Engagement, including updates about international student recruitment and study abroad participation, in its fall 2019 newsletter.
Expanding collaborations with Symbiosis International University

During the first week of August 2019, five faculty members from the College of Communication visited Symbiosis International University, DePaul’s primary academic partner in Pune, India. Participants taught classes, brainstormed with Symbiosis faculty on research collaborations and initiated possible Global Learning Experience projects. Topics covered in the classroom included organizational communication dysfunctions, family communication styles, and the role of digital technologies in mediating communication. Read more >>

New associate director for regional initiatives - Latin America   

Maria DeMoya serves as associate director for regional initiatives - Latin America. (Image courtesy of Global Engagement)
Maria DeMoya serves as associate director for regional initiatives - Latin America. (Image courtesy of Global Engagement)
At the beginning of the academic year, Global Engagement welcomed a new team member. Maria DeMoya, associate professor of public relations in the College of Communication, now serves as the office's new associate director for regional initiatives  - Latin America. Read more >>

Global Fluency Certificate gains popularity

In September, Global Engagement launched the new Global Fluency Certificate, a credential recognizing undergraduate students who have strategically pursued cross-cultural learning through global-focused classes and activities. In the first week of its launch, approximately 50 students registered for GFC, showing its popularity and students’ ambition to learn and showcase their skills in intercultural competency, virtual collaboration and foreign language. Read more >>

IVEC2019 a success, save the date for IVEC2020

The 2019 International Virtual Exchange Conference in Tacoma, Washington, was a huge success, with more than 360 attendees from 30 countries from around the world. As a co-organizer of the conference, DePaul was well represented, with a team of 10 faculty and staff hosting seven presentations. The 2020 conference is set for September at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. Read more >>

Global Learning Experience courses now searchable in Campus Connect

Upcoming courses with an approved GLE component are periodically tagged in PeopleSoft, and current DePaul students can find them in Campus Connect. Read more >>

International student recruitment and study abroad participation

In 2018-19, DePaul welcomed 1,526 international - F/J visa - students from 121 different countries. While the total population of F/J students decreased by 8 percent year over year, DePaul ​did see enrollment increases in some areas. Overall F/J and INTL, or internationally credentialed but non-visa holding students, decreased by 10 percent at the undergraduate level and increased by 2 percent at the graduate level. Read more >>