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Global Engagement highlights international partner, Global Conversations success in fall newsletter


Australian Catholic University
A DePaul global partner institution, Australian Catholic University is one of the largest Catholic universities in the world. Like DePaul, ACU is a comprehensive university with a diverse student body. (Image courtesy of Global Engagement)

Want to learn how Global Engagement is working with international alumni? Interested in how to incorporate a Global Learning Experience into your remote teaching? Get the latest from Global Engagement, including updates on the Global Conversations initiative and the latest enrollment numbers, in its fall 2020 newsletter.

Spotlight on a global partner: The Australian Catholic University

Most of the work we do at DePaul to offer students a broad portfolio of international experiential learning leverages our global partners. These are universities, institutions of higher education, organizations, and companies that have embraced internationalization as part of their core values. Among these solid relationships is our alliance with the Australian Catholic University. Read more >>

Faculty feature: Michele McCay

Michele McCay is a senior Health Sciences lecturer at DePaul. McCay teaches several courses in the Department of Health Sciences, with a special interest in maternal and child health, public health practice, and global health. McCay has led multiple Global Engagement projects, including a GLE focused on the foundations of maternal health, collaborating with faculty and students from the University of Ghana, Lagon. Read more >>

International alumni engagement

Reengaging our international alumni community both in the US and abroad, has been an important goal of the Global Engagement team.  Our talented, diverse and successful alumni serve as real life examples of DePaul's mission and values, and can play an important role in representing DePaul around the globe. Read more >>

Global Conversations

Now that DePaul has completed more than seven months of online learning, students are aching to connect with others and return to “normal." DePaul students are not alone in that sentiment. This fall, more than 220 students from 19 countries participated in virtual discussions to find that connection, share their experiences and learn how the COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone in a myriad of ways. This was the second round of Global Conversations, which consist of 90 minute dialogic sessions guided by a team of DePaul and international faculty members for students around the world. Read more >>

Virtual Exchange - Global Learning ​Experience

In times when physical mobility has been limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in the virtual exchange field has rapidly expanded in the US and around the world. Virtual exchange, known at DePaul as Global Learning Experience, is a pedagogy that engages students from different institutions around the world in sustained collaboration and communication. As a leader in the VE field, with more than 175 implemented projects, DePaul created a formal structure of support for institutions who are either new to the VE pedagogy and want to engage in it to expand global opportunities for students and faculty, or have been a part of the VE community, and are now ready to grow their VE initiatives. Read more >>

Year over year data

International student enrollment in the 2019-20 academic year was 1,511 F/J students, slightly below the prior year which was 1,526.  During this same period, our internationally credentialed  -- non-visa holding students, with prior education outside of the US -- population also decreased slightly to 855 students, down from 887 in the ​prior year. Read more >>