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Office of Global Engagement expands programs, international activities

Students studying abroad
In 2018, the School of Hospitality Leadership partnered with the Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy to provide a term-long study abroad opportunity for hospitality students. (Image courtesy of Global Engagement)
Are you a faculty member who wants to get more involved in global engagement at DePaul? Did you know the English Language Academy now offers a Pronunciation Training for Success program? Curious about the latest international student recruitment numbers? Get the latest from the Office of Global Engagement, including updates from various divisions around DePaul about their internationalization efforts, in its fall 2018 newsletter.

DePaul’s School of Hospitality Leadership prepares students for a global industry

Over the past year, the School of Hospitality Leadership has increased its efforts to make global engagement a priority in the student experience. From short- and long-term study abroad programs to global learning experiences that create collaborative online learning environments for students, this global engagement strategy fits well with the nature of hospitality and tourism, one of the largest segments of the global economy. Read more >>

New student orientation: Ongoing support
ISS orientation
Following a 14-week pre-arrival online orientation, new students attend a conference-style in-person orientation provided by International Student Scholars once they arrive on campus. (Image courtesy of Global Engagement)

International Student and Scholar Services launched a 14-week pre-arrival online orientation that introduces incoming students to the DePaul community. The program also provides students with critical information in their planning to live and study at DePaul. 

Pronunciation training for success

Several years ago, DePaul’s English Language Academy created Pronunciation Training for Success classes in response to requests from DePaul students at ELA and in degree programs who wanted to improve their intelligibility in spoken English. Today, PTfS is an individualized hybrid course designed for international professionals and students in Chicago and around the globe, using state-of-the-art online voice recognition and artificial intelligence software to diagnose and customize a lesson path for their pronunciation, fluency and word stress patterns. Read more >>

Learn about the Global Learning Experience

DePaul's Global Learning Experience program continues to grow. Since the program launched in fall 2013, a total of 54 courses across a wide variety of disciplines contained a GLE component. Thirty-six more courses include a GLE component during this academic year. Learn more >>

Get involved: The Comprehensive Internationalization Committee

Faculty at DePaul are encouraged to get involved with Global Engagement in many ways. The Comprehensive Internationalization Committee coordinates with faculty various aspects of the internationalization process of the university. If you have an interest in the internationalization of our university, consider serving on CIC. Learn more >>

International student recruitment and study abroad participation

Learn about the latest student and faculty mobility numbers, including study abroad updates, and information about DePaul’s international student population. Read more >>

Global DePaul
(Image courtesy of Global Engagement)