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DePaul honors Holocaust Remembrance Day


​Jan. 27 marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the annual day of commemoration that invites us to remember the lives of six million Jewish and other victims of Nazism lost to genocide during the Holocaust. As an institution grounded in a Vincentian commitment to affirm the sacred dignity of all people, DePaul University stands in solidarity with all those who are victimized and oppressed throughout the world. 

We invite our community to remember and continue to work against the brutal violence, discrimination and marginalization of people, which was epitomized by this grievous part of our human history. We ask our community to take a moment this day to be mindful of all lives lost during the Holocaust, to oppose all modern forms of antisemitism, to be attentive to the seeds of violence and destruction of peoples that remain present in our society today, and to take steps to work toward a more just and loving human community and world.