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Email and voicemail migration to Microsoft Exchange Online

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Over the next few months, Information Services will move DePaul email accounts from the on-premises Exchange email servers to the Microsoft 365 cloud, also known as Microsoft Exchange Online. The cloud already hosts student email. This migration will improve security and integration with other Microsoft 365 applications. In preparation for this migration, DePaul voicemail users will be moving to the new Unity voicemail service on Feb 10.

Look out for email notifications:

  • In the next few months, you will receive an email notification prior to your scheduled email account migration to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online.
  • If you have been issued voicemail, you will receive an additional email on Feb. 10 that will include your temporary voicemail PIN.

Please read in-depth details about the email and voicemail migration.

What will change with email?

  • Voicemail will no longer be transcribed in email
  • How you access Outlook on the Web (OWA)
  • How you connect your Outlook desktop/mobile apps to your mailbox
  • Client-side Inbox rules will not be migrated
  • There is a new automatic archiving policy

Microsoft Exchange Online has improved security features. Because of these changes, some users will need to remove and reconnect their accounts to their updated Outlook desktop or mobile client app after their migration is complete.

What will change with voicemail?

  • You will receive a new temporary voicemail PIN.
  • Your current voicemail greeting will not carry over to the new system.
  • If you do not change your PIN, the system will continue to ask you to do so each time you call into the voicemail system.
  • If you choose to not record a custom greeting, by default the system will spell out your BlueKey ID as displayed in your account.
  • Voicemails received before you are migrated will only be accessible through your email and will no longer be available by calling into the voicemail access number.

How should I prepare?

Details for each of these can be found by visiting the link above.

  • Backup your Inbox rules
  • Once you receive your temporary voicemail PIN, dial in to complete initial setup where you will be asked to change your PIN and record a new greeting

Known issues

While IS will work with departmental liaisons when scheduling migrations to minimize potential disruptions, the ability to Send As, Send on Behalf Of, or access delegate permissions for another mailbox will be disrupted during this effort. You may experience issues with these types of access until both your mailbox and the resource or other mailbox that you access have been moved. We are planning to move mailboxes as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions.

Be aware of phishing attempts

During the mailbox migration, there will not be mass emails from Information Services or Microsoft asking you to “validate" your account by selecting a link. Some examples include:

  • ​“We are migrating your account, please enter your credentials"
  • “Click here to complete migration"
  • “Please validate your account"

You will receive one targeted email 24-72 business hours prior to your mailbox move. If you have been issued voicemail, you will also receive one targeted email with your temporary PIN. These emails will be informational only and will not ask you to click a link or to enter credentials.