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Department of Education releases new Title IX guidance

Take Care DePaul

On Wednesday, the Department of Education released its long-awaited new Title IX guidance for universities' responses to campus sexual violence and harassment. DePaul anticipated that these regulations were coming and is prepared to conduct a thorough review.

Some of the new provisions that have garnered media attention include, as expected, the right of parties involved in a hearing to cross examine one another, albeit through a third party, as well as allowing institutions to use a higher evidentiary standard, “clear and convincing," in adjudicating cases, should they choose. It also sets forth requirements that DePaul's Title IX office has been operating under for quite some time, including allowing either party to appeal an outcome. It also sets forth specific definitions for sexual harassment, which the Office of Gender Equity already investigates as part of its charge.    

The university will share more about how the revised guidance will affect DePaul's policies and processes when this review is complete. All will be considered within the framework of what DePaul believes is appropriate for our community. The Department of Education has directed that colleges and universities be in compliance with the new guidance by Aug. 14, 2020. We are looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and thinking all of this through in a measured, thorough way.

DePaul's commitment to fostering a community in which every member has the right to safety from the threat of sexual and relationship violence will remain unchanged. In addition to continuing to promote a culture of respect, DePaul will respond to incidents of sexual violence and harassment promptly and equitably, in accordance with our policies, applicable laws and best practices.

The Office of Gender Equity is working diligently in our remote format to investigate allegations of misconduct that fall into our area as well as be responsive to requests for accommodations for students under Title IX.