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Light Up DePaul – A WiFi improvement project

University launches work to expand wireless coverage all across campus

Wifi upgrades happening at DePaul
(DePaul University/Jeff Carrion)
DePaul is committed to providing excellent WiFi access throughout the university. Starting next week, we will kick off a project, named ‘Light Up DePaul’ to greatly expand our wireless network. Our goal is to dramatically improve your WiFi experience in all areas of the university, including classrooms, labs, and public areas, as well as faculty and administrative offices.

We are about to embark on the installation of just under 2,000 new or repositioned wireless access points across the two campuses…an effort that will lead to DePaul being 100 percent WiFi covered when done.

This is a significant project that will take approximately eight months to complete. It will involve contracted electricians installing conduit, wiring and wireless access points at a variety of locations in every building, along with a number of outdoor locations. 

The project will begin on Monday, Sept. 17.  Most activity will occur in common areas - corridors and other open spaces - with work that needs to be done inside of classrooms and other sensitive areas scheduled for off-time periods,  such as Fridays, academic winter break and spring break.

During the project we will do all that we can to minimize any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience while we improve this service for the community.