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Tenured and promoted faculty: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 2019-20

Congratulations to the faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences who recently achieved tenure or received a promotion.​​​

Tera Agyepong, promoted to associate professor 
Tera Agyepong

Tera Agyepong​ is an associate professor in the Department of History, and director of DePaul's pre-law concentration and history of law minor. Of her accomplishments at DePaul, she is most proud to be the inaugural recipient of the Sanders Endowed Professorship and having her first book, "The Criminalization of Black Children," win the Society for the History of Children and Youth’s 2018 Grace Abbott Book Award. 

Winifred Curran

Winifred Curran, 
promoted to full professor

Winifred Curran is a professor and chair of the Department of Geography. She is an urban geographer. Her research has focused on understanding the effects of gentrification on the urban landscape. She is most proud of publishing her book, "Gender and Gentrification," which is the culmination of 20 years of research on gentrification.

Fernando DeMaio, promoted to full professor
Fernando DeMaio

Fernando DeMaio is a professor and director of sociology, and co-director of the Center for Community Health Equity. His favorite part of being a member of the DePaul community is working in a place where social justice is a meaningful concept and an integral part of the institution's design. This academic year he looks forward to the first cohort of social epidemiology students going into their practicum placements and bringing their classroom work to fruition.

Brad Hoot

Bradley Hoot, 
promoted to associate professor with tenure

Brad Hoot is an associate professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages. His research uses quantitative experimental methods to investigate how language knowledge is represented in the bilingual mind.This academic year he looks ​forward to teaching a new course on multilingualism in the United States.

Jason Kalin

Jason Kalin, promoted to associate professor with tenure 

Jason Kalin is an associate professor and director of the MA in writing, rhetoric and discourse. Since joining the university, he has enjoyed DePaul's welcoming community, and the connections he's made with colleagues and students. Of his accomplishments at DePaul, he is most proud to have taught a Discover Chicago course, leading students into Chicago Immersion Week.

Jessica Larva
Jessica Larva, 

Jessica Larva is an associate professor of art, media and design, and area head of studio art. Of her accomplishments at the university, she is most proud to have expanded the studio art offerings by developing new facilities and courses for screen printing. She is entering this academic year with a renewed energy for her creative work and artistic practice, and looks forward to sharing that with students.

Joseph Mello, promoted to associate professor with tenure 
Joe Mello

Joe Mello is an associate professor and pre-law advisor in the Department of Political Science. His favorite part of DePaul is the students and seeing them succeed. Of his accomplishments at DePaul, he is most proud of achieving tenure. This academic year, he looks forward to completing a book on cannabis reform, especially given legalization of adult use set to go into effect in Illinois this January.

Ann Russo
Ann Russo, 
promoted to full professor

Ann Russo is a professor of women's and gender studies, and director of The Women's Center at DePaul. As a member of DePaul, she loves being in a community with so many students, staff and faculty working toward equity, inclusion and social justice. She is most proud to have collaborated with colleagues to establish an office to house sexual assault resources and services on campus, and to develop an LGBTQIA resources center.

John Shanahan, promoted to full professor
John Shanahan

John Shanahan is a professor of English, an associate dean and director of liberal studies at DePaul. His favorite part of being at DePaul is teaching and experiencing the creativity of his students. As a first-generation student, he is thankful to be on campus and able to share ideas and scholarship. This academic year he looks forward to teaching a new honors seminar in the spring.

Fanny Soderback

Fanny Söderbäck, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Fanny Söderbäck is an associate professor of philosophy. This academic year she looks forward to both research and maternity leave, which will be spent in her home country of Sweden. She also will launch two new research projects this year, one examining Italian feminist thinker Adriana Caverero and another on French philosopher Julia Kristeva and Chicana theorist Gloria Anzaldúa.

Kevin Thompson, promoted to full professor  
Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson is a professor and graduate director of philosophy. His areas of specialization include German idealism, contemporary French philosophy and the history of political theory. 

Neil Vincent
Neil Vincent, 
promoted to full professor

Neil Vincent is a professor of social work in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Of his accomplishments on campus, he is most proud to have co-founded Chicago Survivors, a community-based organization offering comprehensive support services to families surviving the homicide of a loved one.  As the newly appointed chair of the Institution Review Board, this year he looks forward to developing the board to better support his colleagues in research.

Jaime Waters, promoted to associate professor with tenure 
Jaime Waters

Jaime Waters is an associate professor in the Department of Catholic Studies. Of her accomplishments at DePaul, she is most proud to have developed creative ways to teach students to read biblical texts critically and carefully. This academic year she looks forward to working on new research projects examining animals in the Bible and the book of Jeremiah.