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Tenured and promoted faculty: College of Business 2019-20

College of Business
Congratulations to the faculty from the College of Business who recently achieved tenure or received a promotion.​

Brian Phelan, promoted to associate professor with tenure
Brian Phelan

Brian Phelan is an associate professor and the Driehaus Fellow in the Department of Economics. This academic year he looks forward to continuing to share his passion for economics with his students and colleagues. He also is excited to help integrate the department’s new curricular Health Economics Initiative into the MS in Economics and Policy Analysis program, and presenting a paper at the Brookings Institution in December.

David Wang
Tawei (David) Wang, pro
moted to associate professor with tenure

David Wang is an associate professor and Driehaus Fellow in the School of Accountancy at DePaul. His favorite part about being a member of DePaul is how the university supports, encourages and respects the differences and diversity within the campus community. This academic year he looks forward to collaborating with companies for student projects.

Charles Wurtzebach, tenured​ 

Charles Wurtzebach is the chair of the Department of Real Estate and the Douglas and Cynthia Crocker Endowed Director of the Real Estate Center. He has coauthored a number of books, and is a past president and director of the Real Estate Research Institute.