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Tenured and promoted faculty: College of Computing and Digital Media 2019-20

(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
Congratulations to the faculty from the College of Computing and Digital Media who recently achieved tenure or received a promotion.​​

Sheena Erete, promoted to associate professor with tenure 
Sheena Erete

Sheena Erete is an associate professor of design and human computer interaction. This academic year she looks forward to more growth in the School of Design and working with collaborators and students on new projects focused on the design of technology to support civic engagement in community asset-mapping, STEM education and maternal health.

Chris Kalis
Chris Kalis, 
promoted to associate professor with tenure

Chris Kalis is an associate professor of graphics, animation and post-production at DePaul. Of his accomplishments at DePaul, he is most proud to have developed new curricula, such as the BFA in animation and MS concentration in motion graphics. This academic year he looks for to his animation Project Bluelight course, where students collaborate with him on an animated shorted film featuring DePaul community members.

Denise Nacu, promoted to associate professor with tenure 
Denise Nacu

Denise Nacu is an associate professor and school director of the School of Design at DePaul. Her current research focuses on the design, development and evaluation of sociotechnical systems for learning. As a designer and researcher at the intersection of technology, learning and design, she co-directs the Technology for Social Good Research and Design Lab, and works with the Digital Youth Network.​

Tim Peternel

Timothy Peternel, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Tim Peternel is an independent film producer and associate professor in the School of Cinematic Arts. He enjoys working with DePaul's student filmmakers and collaborating with other SCA faculty. He is most proud to see his students graduate and become working members of the film community. 

Matthew Quinn, promoted to associate professor with tenure 
Matthew Quinn

Matthew Quinn is an associate professor of screenwriting at DePaul. He has worked in feature development at DreamWorks Studios, DreamWorks Animation and as a reader for Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films.

Anuradha Rana
Anuradha Rana, 
promoted to associate professor with tenure

Anuradha Rana is an associate professor of cinema production, directing and screenwriting. She has produced and directed award-winning films in India, Ecuador, Japan, South Africa and the United States. She is proud of leading the development of the documentary program at the School of Cinematic Arts, which offers courses to more than 250 student per year.

Stephen Socki, promoted to associate professor with tenure 
Steve Socki

Steve Socki is an associate professor of animation and directing. He worked for more 25 years in Hollywood as an animation director and producer on animated TV series such as "Rugrats," "Hey Arnold," "Curious George," "The Simpsons" and "Futurama."

Jessica Westbrook
Jessica Westbrook, 
Jessica Westbrook is an associate professor of design, interactive media and education. She co-founded and co-directs DePaul's Divergent Design Lab, which focuses on new territories, emerging technology, user experience, and contemporary social landscapes.