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Tenured and promoted faculty: College of Law 2017-18

College of Law
(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
This fall quarter, Newsline will highlight all recently promoted and tenured DePaul faculty members, starting with those in the College of Law.

Monu Bedi
Monu Bedi, tenured

Monu Bedi, a professor or law, joined DePaul in 2015, where he teaches criminal law and procedure. As a former naval prosecutor, Bedi looks forward to teaching a seminar on military law in the coming spring and discussing the unique features and practices of military justice with students.

Emily Cauble
Emily Cauble, promoted to full professor

After teaching at the University of Illinois and Michigan State University, Emily Cauble joined DePaul in 2012. Beyond sharing her knowledge of contract and tax law with students as a professor of law, Cauble is most proud to learn about the accomplishments and successes of former students after they graduate.

Michael Grynberg
Michael Grynberg, promoted to full professor

A researcher and expert of intellectual property, Michael Grynberg joined the DePaul community in 2012. As a child of immigrants, Grynberg finds it rewarding to teach international and first-generation students at a university closely connected to the city of Chicago. This year, he looks forward to exploring many timely administrative law issues with his students.​

Max Helveston
Max Helveston, tenured

After working in the United States Court of Appeals, Max Helveston joined DePaul in 2011. In addition to his duties as a professor of law, this academic year Helveston looks forward to serving in his new role as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives, where he will work on projects to help improve the efficiency of the law school's internal operations and create new programs for JD, LLM and MJ students.

Julie Lawton
Julie Lawton, promoted to full clinical professor with tenure

Since joining the College of Law in 2011, Julie Lawton has developed two clinics at DePaul: the Business Law Clinic and the Housing & Community Development Legal Clinic, both of which serve disadvantaged populations. She notes the university's well-defined and compelling sense of purpose as one of her favorite aspects of being a member of the campus community. 

Cary Martin Shelby

Cary Martin Shelby, tenured

Cary Martin Shelby has served as a faculty advisor for DePaul's Black Law Student's Association since joining the university in 2012 and for the Business and Commercial Law Journal since 2016. In her role as a professor of law, this year she hopes to broaden her audience by investigating how securities and business laws serve to deepen the income gap between the wealthy and the poor. 

Daniel Morales

Daniel Morales, tenured

Daniel Morales is a scholar and theorist of immigration law who joined DePaul in 2011. A professor of law, Morales notes DePaul's integration into the vibrant and global city of Chicago as one of the highlights to being on campus, and looks forward to conducting a new research project this academic year.