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Tenured and promoted faculty: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 2017-18

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
Throughout the fall quarter, Newsline will highlight all recently promoted and tenured DePaul faculty members. This issue features faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

Julie Artis

Julie Artis, promoted to full professor

Julie Artis is a professor of sociology whose research focuses on diverse family contexts and how they foster child development. In addition to the various leadership roles she has held at DePaul over the years, the aspect of DePaul Artis enjoys most is being part of a campus community that has a positive impact on so many people.

Lisa Dush
(Photo by Heather Eidson)

Lisa Dush, promoted to associate professor with tenure

As an associate professor of writing, rhetoric and discourse, Lisa Dush's research focuses on new media storytelling and rhetorical practice in the digital age. This year Dush looks forward to the various local community collaborations her students will take part in, including projects with grassroots organizations, nonprofits and community workshops for digital storytelling.

Bill Johnson Gonzalez

Bill Johnson González, promoted to associate professor with tenure

A Chicago native, Bill Johnson González is an associate professor of English at DePaul. As the new director of LGBTQ studies at DePaul, he looks forward to helping to build a sense of community among young people, creating spaces on campus where students feel welcome and where they are able to grow intellectually, and helping build programming that shows the vibrancy of LGBTQ studies.

Nila Hofman

Nila Hofman, promoted to full professor

Nila Ginger Hofman is a professor of anthropology and director of the community service studies minor at DePaul. Her research focuses on urban populations and gender. Of her accomplishments, she is most proud of her recent internationalization initiatives, including the development of Global Learning Exchanges.

Sanjukta Mukherjee

Sanjukta Mukherjee, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Sanjukta Mukherjee is an associate professor of women's and gender studies. Her areas of interest include critical development studies, post-colonial theory, and gender and globalization. As the new graduate director for women's and gender studies, this academic year she looks forward to working more closely with graduate students.

Scott Paeth

Scott Paeth, promoted to full professor

As a professor of religious studies, Scott Paeth focuses on Christian ethics, public theology, and medical and business ethics. His favorite thing about being a member of the DePaul community is having the opportunity to work with a diverse body of students and prestigious faculty.

Lisa Poirier

Lisa Poirier, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Lisa Poirier is an associate professor of religious studies at DePaul, with research interests in Native American religions, religions of the Americas, and religion and colonialism. This academic year, Poirier looks forward to teaching a new version of her class that focuses on methods and approaches in the study of religion.

Frédéric Seyler

Frédéric Seyler, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Frédéric Seyler is an associate professor of philosophy and undergraduate director in the Department of Philosophy. His favorite aspect of DePaul is its dedication to students to research and to the Vincentian mission. As a teacher, he is grateful to his students and proud of their achievements, both in their day-to-day work on complex ideas as well as in their writings.

Shailja Sharma

Shailja Sharma, promoted to full professor

Shailja Sharma is an associate professor of international studies and an associate dean for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Of her accomplishments during her time at DePaul, she is most proud to be one of the faculty members who launched the program in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies.