Tenured and promoted faculty: College of Science and Health

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(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
This fall, Newsline will highlight all recently promoted and tenured DePaul faculty members. This issue features faculty from the College of Science and Health.

Suzanne Bell

Suzanne Bell, promoted to full professor

Suzanne Bell is a professor of industrial and organizational psychology whose work focuses on strategic staffing of organizations, training and employee development, and maximizing team effectiveness. This year she looks forward to completing the third year of her grant from NASA. She is excited to see what her team's analyses will reveal, so that they can better understand team composition for long-distance space exploration, such as Mission to Mars.

Joanna Brooke

Joanna Brooke, promoted to full professor

As a professor of microbiology in the College of Science and Health, Joanna Brooke examines infectious diseases in humans. Of her accomplishments during her time at DePaul, she is most proud to help her students realize their potential as young scientists inside and outside of the classroom, and in her research laboratory.

Doug Bruce
Doug Bruce, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Doug Bruce is an associate professor of health sciences. His work investigates how stigma, marginalization and migration affect health behavior among sexual minority male youth, the secondary prevention needs of HIV/AIDS-positive people, and the role of medical marijuana in people living with a chronic disease. His favorite part of the DePaul community is engaging with the diverse student body and following their development while students at DePaul and beyond.

Jason Bystriansky

Jason Bystriansky, promoted to associate professor with tenure

An associate professor of comparative physiology, Jason Bystriansky studies how animals adapt to survive in harsh environments. As an environmental physiologist, his research focuses mainly on what limits most fish species to live in either fresh or salt water, while others can tolerate wide ranges of environmental salinity.

Verena Graupmann
Verena Graupmann, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Verena Graupmann is an associate professor of psychological science at DePaul. Her research focuses on threats to central self-motives, such as freedom, consistency, continuity and belonging. This academic year she looks forward to expanding her research on threats to the self, examining strategies that allow people to step back from ego-concerns, and looking at the larger issues at stake when engaging in political dialogue.

Caitlin Karver

Caitlin Karver, promoted to associate professor with tenure

An associate professor of medicinal chemistry, Caitlin Karver's research lab examines the chemical biology, bio-organic and medicinal chemistry of enzymes implicated in disease. Her favorite thing about being a DePaul faculty member is having numerous opportunities for advising and mentoring through academic advising, career and professional school advising, and research mentorship.

Bridget Tenner

Bridget Tenner, promoted to full professor

Bridget Tenner is a professor of combinatorics and mathematical science at DePaul. Tenner's research focuses primarily on combinatorics, a branch of mathematics concerning the study of finite or countable discrete structures. This academic year she looks forward to new projects and responsibilities, in both research and in service to the university. She has great admiration for the attitudes and enthusiasm of the entire DePaul community, which inspires her as a researcher, educator and colleague.

Sandra Virtue

Sandra Virtue, promoted to full professor

Sandy Virtue is a professor of psychological science, co-director of the neuroscience program and director of online learning for the College of Science and Health. Her research investigates the neurological processes that occur during language tasks, and how the left and right brain hemispheres activate information during reading. Of her accomplishments, she is most proud to be the co-director of the neuroscience program at DePaul, which has reached 124 declared majors in the two years since its launch.