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Tenured and promoted faculty: College of Education 2019-20

College of Education
Congratulations to the faculty from the College of Education who recently achieved tenure or received a promotion​.​

Rebecca Michel, promoted to associate professor with tenure
Rebecca Michel

Rebecca Michel is an associate professor of counseling and special education at DePaul. Her research explores the impact cultural, relational, educational and career factors can have on identity, well-being and life satisfaction. Through her work and teaching, she strives to help individuals discover and develop the best version of themselves.

Sonia Soltero, promoted to full professor

Sonia Soltero is a professor and chair of the Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum. She is proud her time at DePaul has allowed her to pursue her interests in scholarship, teaching, shared governance and external advocacy. This academic year she looks forward to devoting more time to advocacy work at the city and state levels, and undertaking a new leadership role at a national level to help advance bilingual and dual-language education.