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Tenured and promoted faculty: College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 2018-19

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
Congratulations to the faculty from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences who achieved tenure or received a promotion this academic year.​

Sonya Crabtree-Nelson, promoted to associate professor with tenure
Sonya Crabtree-Nelson

Sonya Crabtree-Nelson is an associate professor of social work in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Of her accomplishments at DePaul, she is most proud of her connections with students, faculty, staff and the broader campus community. She also is proud of her work with the Master of Social Work Student Association and its recent collaboration with Catholic Campus Ministry and the College of Law's Neighborhood Legal Advocacy Program to offer resources and referrals to guests of Grace Place.

Ben Epstein
Ben Epstein, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Ben Epstein is an associate professor of political science at DePaul. His research is primarily directed toward political communication, with interests in exploring the intersection of the Internet and politics, and the extent to which new communication tools are, or are not, democratizing the political process. 

Maria Ferrera, promoted to associate professor with tenure 
Maria Ferrera

Maria Ferrera is an associate professor of social work and critical ethnic studies. Her areas of research include decolonization methods, the influence of colonization on ethnic identity development, community-based and socially-just practices, and health disparities of new and undocumented immigrants. This academic year she looks forward to more interdisciplinary collaborations in hopes of bringing change to underrepresented communities both within and outside of DePaul.

Stan Chu Ilo
 Stan Chu Ilo (left), promoted to associate professor with tenure

Stan Chu Ilo is an associate professor of Catholic studies at DePaul, with research interests in cross-cultural studies, African intellectual and political history, African Christianity, and equity and diversity in faith-based education and ministry. This academic year, he looks forward to competing a book project with some of his students, which details a slave narrative as a way to understand historical injustices and the importance of creating a society with equitable access to social mobility.  

Lisa Mahoney, promoted to associate professor with tenure 
Lisa Mahoney

Lisa Mahoney is an associate professor of history of art and architecture in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. She specializes in 12th and 13th century artistic production of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, known as Frankish or Crusader art, and of France. Her teaching interests range from the ancient word to the end of the Middle Ages.

Paula McQuade
Paula McQuade, promoted to full professor

Paula McQuade is a professor English, with research interests in original works composed by women -- both in manuscript and print. Of her accomplishments during her time at DePaul, she is proud to have written a book on early modern women and religion. This academic year she looks forward to introducing more students to great works of literature, including Shakespeare, Milton, Homer and Virgil.

Michele Morano, promoted to full professor
Michele Morano

Michele Morano is professor and chair of the Department of English. Of her accomplishments at DePaul, she is most proud of being a founding editor of the Department of English's book imprint, Big Shoulders Books, and co-editing the volume "Write Your Heart Out: Chicagoland Teens on Relationships." This academic year she looks forward to her second year as chair of the department and teaching a number of creative writing workshops.

Ogenga Otunnu (not pictured), promoted to full professor

Ogenga Otunni is a professor of history, and peace, justice and conflict studies. He teaches courses on the causes and consequences of forced migration, migration and forced migration in Africa, humanitarian emergencies, comparative genocide, contemporary global issues and African history. 

Alex Papadopoulos
Alex Papadopoulos, promoted to full professor

Alex Papadopoulos is a professor of geography and sustainable urban development at DePaul. As an urban and political geographer, he studies the contestation of urban space in Europe and the United States. Of his accomplishments at DePaul, he is most proud to have helped restructure the Department of Geography during the 1990s, turning it into a nationally-ranked program. This academic year Papadopoulos looks forward to completing two writing projects.

Elizabeth Rottenberg, promoted to full professor 
Elizabeth Rottenberg

Elizabeth Rottenberg is a professor of philosophy and director of the comparative literature program at DePaul. She teaches courses in the areas of contemporary French philosophy and psychoanalytical theory. She also is one of six founding members of the Derrida Seminars Translation Project.
Rachel Scott
Rachel Scott, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Rachel Scott is an associate professor of anthropology. As a bioarchaeologist, her research interests include human osteology and paleopathology and European archaeology. Her work addresses the interrelation of biology and culture in the creation of human lives. Scott says she deeply values DePaul's commitment to high-quality undergraduate education. This academic year, she looks forward to teaching a course that best illustrates her own approach to research, integrating various fields and disciplines.

Naomi Steinberg, promoted to full professor 
Naomi Steinberg

Naomi Steinberg is a professor of religious studies, whose work focuses on the study of Hebrew Bible literature, history, and religion in its ancient, Near Eastern and Mediterranean context. Her favorite aspect about being a member of the DePaul community is inspiring students to study religion as a human phenomenon that helps us understand controversies in the world and how people shape the meaning of existence.

Carolina Sternberg
Carolina Sternberg, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Carolina Sternberg is an associate professor of Latin American and Latino Studies. Her main areas of research and teaching combine urban studies, Latin American studies, and local urban politics in the U.S. and Latin America. Of her accomplishments at DePaul, she is most proud to participate in service activities, both on and off campus. This academic year, Sternberg looks forward to using her research, teaching and service to bring more awareness and visibility to the cultural contributions of Latin Americans to the global community.