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Tenured and promoted faculty: School of Music 2017-18

School of Music
(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
Throughout the fall, Newsline will highlight all recently promoted and tenured DePaul faculty members. This issue features faculty from the School of Music.

Christopher Wendell Jones
Christopher Wendell Jones, promoted to associate professor with tenure

An associate professor of composition, Christopher Wendell Jones is a composer whose music explores issues of identity, narrative and form in unconventional ways. His favorite aspect of teaching at DePaul is having the opportunity to work with young musicians and being a part of their education. This academic year he looks forward to continuing his pursuit of interesting artistic collaborations and thinking of new ways to engage students.

Michael Lewanski
(Image courtesy of Chelsea Ross)

Michael Lewanski, promoted to associate professor with tenure

Michael Lewanski is an associate professor of instrumental ensembles and conductor of the DePaul Concert Orchestra and Ensemble 20+. He feels most accomplished when witnessing students grow over the course of a quarter or their time on campus. He enjoys seeing students work hard in rehearsals, improve steadily, then accomplish an astonishing performance that has a strong impact on the audience.