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DePaul is committed to the non-violent resolution of conflicts

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In the current context we are always reminded that "as a Catholic university, Pope Francis' declaration of nonviolence as a fundamental commitment of the Catholic Church and Catholic education challenges us to model, teach and foster the necessary awareness, theory and skills of dialogue and peacebuilding. Furthermore, our grounding in Vincentian mission moves us to recognize the ongoing threat of violent conflict, both locally and globally, and how it harms those most vulnerable populations. Therefore, we strive to integrate nonviolence, dialogue, and peacebuilding into the educational experience of our university community." 

We would like to invite our community to unify in prayer for all those who are again victims of an atrocious, irrational and tragic war in Ukraine and in any corner of the world in which peace is under fire. 

A prayer for peace and justice amidst international conflicts affecting the stability of our world

Creator of the nations: 

We pray for peace, justice, and stability in all nations of the world. May the principles of self-determination, territorial integrity and autonomy, and non-intervention prevail in the bilateral and multilateral relationships among nations. May all nations be protected in their own collective identities and dignities. 

We pray for leaders of our country and countries throughout the world that they may approach these days of unrest and warring with hearts turned toward peace. May those who are swayed by corruption and power hear the cries of the suffering and be moved to compassion. May the peaceful resolution of all conflicts reflect the political will of leaders who are filled with imagination and wisdom that leads to dialogue and possibilities for peace. 

We pray for the people of the nations who are in the throes of suffering and oppression, especially Ukraine. May the infectious reality of fear be turned to calm and quiet. May they be protected from harm. Where the doors of hope seem to be closing, may the people be inspired and empowered to meet the challenges before them, always with a dream of a better tomorrow. May spirits be fortified to stand firm in the face of oppression or war, remaining certain that those who hold dear the right to self-determination might succeed in their quests for autonomy and freedom in living. 

We pray for those serving in armed forces throughout the world. We pray especially for the young people who are on the front lines, fighting in the “trenches" and defending causes they often do not understand or even agree with. Surround them with shields of grace of mercy that they may be safe and always, regardless of pressure, may act ethically to protect and defend life to the best of their abilities. May military leaders be moved to stop sending soldiers into paths of danger and death.  

We pray for the multitudes who are helplessly caught on the sidelines, forced to be observers as atrocities unfold. Move us to be advocates for those who are suffering. Inspire us to be proponents of non-violent means of peace and justice, doing our best to be change agents in our world. And, for those who are distraught over the suffering and lack of safety of dear family and friends, may they find renewed hope as all watch and wait for peace. 

May goodness reign in all lands and among all people, that right relationships may abound. 

Divine One; Hear the prayers of your people and come to the aid of the nations. Amen.