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Adjunct Faculty Task Force Formed

The new Adjunct Task Force, comprising 11 adjunct faculty members, two Faculty Council members, and two appointees from the provost, has been formed and will begin its work soon.

The Task Force will present recommendations within months on how to enhance adjunct faculty voice and further involve them in university life. Provost Marten denBoer announced formation of the Task Force in March as part of the university's continuing efforts to meet adjunct faculty members' needs.

A selection committee of four adjunct faculty from different schools and colleges chose the members from a group of adjunct faculty who had submitted their names for consideration.

One adjunct faculty member comes from each of the ten schools and colleges, except that, as recommended by the selection committee, two were selected from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences due to its size and complexity.

The Task Force also includes two members from Faculty Council, a dean appointed by the provost, and a designated associate provost with responsibility for adjunct faculty matters.

The Task Force members are:

Adjunct faculty members

  • Veronica Buckley (School for New Learning)
  • Nathan DeWitt (College of Computing and Digital Media)
  • Kathryn Flum (School of Music)
  • Curt Hansman (College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences)
  • Neal Heitz (College of Communication)
  • Lasana Kazembe (College of Education)
  • Vladimir Lepetic (College of Science and Health)
  • Daniel Lindsey (College of Law)
  • Erin Mackenna (College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences)
  • Noelle Thomas (The Theatre School)
  • William Zink (Driehaus College of Business)

Additional members

  • John Culbert (dean, The Theatre School; Senior Advisor for Contingent Faculty, Academic Affairs -- will serve pending the designation of an associate provost)
  • Gerald Koocher (dean, College of Science and Health)
  • Mary Mindak (chair, Faculty Council Contingent Faculty Committee)
  • Bamshad Mobasher (vice president, Faculty Council)

The Task Force selection committee members were:

  • Jack Magaw (The Theatre School)
  • Jason Moy (School of Music)
  • Lisa Buscani (College of Computing and Digital Media)
  • Catherine Zurybida (College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences)