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Enhanced technology fuels easier enrollment for students

Bluestar homepage screen
Technology powering BlueStar is delivering students more timely, relevant communications about enrollment. (Image by Jeff Carrion/DePaul University)
The Designing DePaul Retention initiative focuses on eliminating the achievement gap within the next 10 years and ensuring DePaul students graduate within four years. Investing in modern technology to empower and streamline the student journey is an important part of DePaul’s approach to this challenge. In 2023, DePaul integrated Salesforce technology into BlueStar, enabling more customized communications to students throughout the process and supporting student continuation rates.

A Stronger Student Success Hub Is Enhancing Enrollment
Starting last summer, updates to BlueStar helped DePaul enhance communications. Students received more timely, relevant and customized communications throughout the enrollment process. The system recognized where students were in the process and provided helpful prompts from preparation through completion. This means students did not need to worry about missing a step or wasting time figuring out where to go next.

Enrollment numbers and student feedback from the fall and winter 2023 enrollment periods show the technology is facilitating student success. Greater personalization throughout the enrollment process moved more students smoothly through the steps, and at a faster pace than in prior quarters. August 2023 enrollment had 1,400 more students than in August of 2022, and the November 2023 enrollment period saw a 5% increase compared to November 2022.

Technology simplifies student-advisor scheduling
Other updates to BlueStar also makes it easier for students to request support. Students can schedule an appointment through the hub with advisors and support areas, eliminating the need for a back-and-forth email exchange about availability. Online appointments immediately create a Zoom link, and the Hub even sends meeting reminders.

Advisors may now spend less time on some administrative tasks and more time focusing on student needs. “Having more efficient technology just creates more bandwidth for the advisor to actually work with students on their concerns,” says Erin Berkowitz, executive director of advising services in the College of Science and Health. “Adopting this technology makes it easier to focus on real issues.”

This is just the beginning of how DePaul will use technology to help our community better understand and enhance the student journey. The next phase of the project will soon give advisors and administrative units across DePaul more access to communications students receive and insight into where different students may need more support. A knowledge database, case management, and a referral system — all fueled by the Salesforce technology — are scheduled to roll out in 2024.

For more information about the Retention & Graduation Rates initiative, please visit the Designing DePaul website.