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Museum video tour: Artists Explore Human Impact on the Environment

DePaul Art Museum presents 'The World to Come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene'

While the galleries at DePaul Art Museum are currently closed, museum staff are offering ways for visitors to connect with art online. For Earth Day, the museum is releasing a short video tour of the current exhibition, "The World to Come: Art in the Age of the Anthropocene." 

“We are currently living in an era of rapid ecological change due to industrialization and human consumption, which is often referred to as the Anthropocene," says Julie Rodrigues Widholm, director and chief curator of DePaul Art Museum. “The visiting exhibition was installed at the museum shortly before the DePaul community began sheltering in place in March. The artists in the exhibition approach their subjects with views of resistance, imagination and curiosity." 

With works by 40 international artists from North, Central, and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, the exhibition examines human impact on the environment. The exhibition includes photography, video, and sculpture related to seven themes: raw material, symbiosis and multispecies, extinction, consumption, justice, deluge and imaginary futures. 

“By presenting the exhibition at DePaul, we hope to explore the relationship between art and science and foster greater understanding for shared global concerns that will require creative solutions," Widholm says. 

Faculty members from all areas of study are encouraged to utilize the exhibition as a resource in their online courses. More information and materials including exhibition interpretation and a research guide can be found at

Questions should be directed to Madeline Rosemurgy, the museum's communication and outreach manager. Staff also are developing a D2L course. Many of the museum's online programs have shifted online. Learn more at