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Faculty invited to join the DePaul Experts Guide and share insights with journalists

Experts Guide
Joseph Schwieterman, professor in the School of Public Service and director of the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development, is frequently interviewed by the news media about transportation and other topics related to his research. He is one of more than 300 DePaul faculty members who have joined the DePaul Experts Guide. (DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
Elections, the sharing economy, the polar vortex and tidying up. When you see a faculty member quoted in DePaul in the News, it’s often because a journalist reached out to the Office of Public Relations and Communications seeking a subject matter expert or scholar. Faculty who step up to provide insight and commentary on the news of the day are essential sources for journalists. Faculty who take the time to share their perspectives can raise the profile of their own research, as well as bolster DePaul’s academic reputation and help readers and viewers understand complex issues in the news. 

More than 300 faculty are listed in the DePaul Experts Guide, a searchable online database for journalists that is updated annually. Journalists can access the database directly, and the DePaul Newsroom team references the guide to quickly find faculty who are willing to be quoted in the news. Again this year, all DePaul faculty are invited to join the guide or make sure their profile is up-to-date: 

With the help of our faculty experts, the DePaul Newsroom team of media relations professionals managed more than 550 media inquiries last year. Faculty experts may respond directly to journalists or reach out to the DePaul Newsroom team for assistance with an inquiry. If you have questions about the guide or would like help preparing for interviews, please contact us at