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Office of Gender Equity: Know your rights

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To support the DePaul community even further, the Office of Gender Equity wants to remind everyone of their rights in relation to OGE’s efforts, investigations and hearing processes. (Jeff Carrion/DePaul University)

In September, the Office of Gender Equity outlined how its staff supports the DePaul community, and reiterated its commitment to helping every student, faculty and staff member learn and work in a safe and respectful environment.

To further support the DePaul community, OGE wants to remind everyone of the rights in relation to their office's efforts, investigations and hearing processes.

Every DePaul student, faculty and staff member has the right to:

  • Make a report or complaint about possible violations of DePaul's Title IX policies and procedures.
  • Participate in the hearing process, not participate or participate in a limited capacity.
  • Report an incident to law enforcement independently or in conjunction with an OGE report.
  • Speak with a designated confidential resource.
  • Participate or not participate as a witness in the investigative process. 
  • Access reasonable academic accommodations for enrolled students.

Every respondent and complainant involved in an OGE investigation has the right to:

  • ​Raise concerns about potential OGE investigator bias before an investigation.
  • In student cases, choose an advisor and have them present during interviews and hearings. 
    • ​Employees have these rights in cases alleging sexual and relationship violence.
  • Review a summary of their interview.
  • Review the investigative file and provide a response.
  • An equitable adjudication or hearing process.
  • Receive the final hearing decision in writing at the same time as the other parties involved—without being required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Appeal outcomes.

For questions or concerns, everyone is welcome to email the office at or call (312) 362-8970.