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Members Elected to Workplace Environment Committee

Thirteen adjunct faculty members - at least one from every college and school - will serve on the 2016-17 adjunct Workplace Environment Committee.

The WEC is charged with hearing, reporting and suggesting resolutions for issues impacting adjunct faculty members. In fulfilling this charge, it will create an avenue to discuss and brainstorm ideas, communicate and share information across colleges, and provide advice and recommendations to the provost and Academic Affairs.

The WEC members were among 40 eligible adjunct faculty members who nominated themselves for the committee. All adjunct faculty members teaching or scheduled to teach (as of the first day of Autumn Quarter) in the 2016-17 academic year were eligible to choose from among those nominated from their college or school.

The Adjunct Task Force recommended the creation of the WEC as a focused and responsive vehicle for identifying and discussing ideas about adjunct faculty issues and concerns. The committee can put forth ideas on any workplace issues except for those pertaining to academic policy and governance under the purview of Faculty Council and its Committee on Contingent Faculty.

"I look forward to seeing the WEC's output and partnering with the committee to continue our progress in enhancing and enriching the adjunct experience at DePaul," says Provost Marten denBoer.

The WEC members and the length of their terms are listed below. In this initial year, half of the WEC members will serve one-year terms to achieve staggered terms in subsequent years.

Beginning next year, all newly elected or re-elected members will serve two-year terms. Members are eligible to serve the length of the entire term provided they teach or are scheduled to teach at least one course during each academic year of the term.

Driehaus College of Business (allotted two members)                                                  Length of Term

Kevin Erker, Economics, Finance                                                                                                 1 year

Barry Hollingsworth, Finance                                                                                                      2 years

College of Communication (allotted one member)

Neal Heitz, Public Relations and Advertising                                                                             2 years                                 

College of Computing and Digital Media (allotted one member)

Nathan DeWitt, Cinematic Arts/ Digital Cinema/ TV                                                                1 year

College of Education (allotted one member)

Ilene Karol, Education                                                                                                                 2 years

College of Law (allotted one member)

Mary Rita Luecke, Litigation Skills                                                                                              1 year

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (allotted three members)

Nadia André, Modern Languages                                                                                              2 years

Daniela Cavallero, Modern Languages                                                                                     1 year

Victoria Hohenzy, Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse                                                                1 year

School of Music (allotted one member)

Jeffrey Kowalkowski, Composition                                                                                            2 years

College of Science and Health (allotted two members; one nominee this year)

Vladimir Lepetic, Mathematical Sciences                                                                                2 years                                 

School for New Learning (allotted one member)

Peggy St. John                                                                                                                              2 years

The Theatre School (allotted one member)

Jack Magaw, Design and Technology                                                                                        1 year​