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Society of Vincent de Paul Professors celebrates 20 years of excellence

Society of Vincent de Paul professors at convocation
The Society of Vincent de Paul Professors enhances the mission of the university through Vincentian personalism, social justice and service. (Image courtesy of Craig Klugman)
 A clinical psychologist studying health and risk factors of diverse youth. An independent filmmaker whose work focuses on international storytelling and pushing conventional boundaries. An activist collaborating with Chicago families to bolster community voice and agency in battling institutional injustices. These are just some of the faculty who make up DePaul University’s Society of Vincent de Paul Professors.

This academic year, the society is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Currently at 29 members, the society is a collection of faculty members whose goal is to enhance the educational mission of the university through Vincentian personalism, social justice and service. 

“DePaul created the society as a way to recognize and honor faculty who are excellent educators, believe in the mission and are active in it, and can serve as mentors to junior faculty and students,” says Craig Klugman, a Vincent de Paul Professor in the Department of Health Sciences and president of the society’s executive committee. “Members are selected based on their excellence in teaching and service as ambassadors of DePaul both on and off campus. Most also have substantial, influential research that has an impact on local or global communities.” 

Membership in the society goes beyond a title on a business card. Each year, the society hosts a tenure and promotion workshop for junior faculty to learn more about the process and meet potential mentors. The organization hosts a social justice program, co-sponsors a diversity luncheon and collaborates with campus partners for Vincentian Service Day. Members also play a role in Academic Convocation and Commencement, representing DePaul’s faculty body during the ceremonies.  

“After tenure, there are not many opportunities to recognize faculty for their continued dedication to the DePaul community and mission,” Klugman says. “The society is a way to honor those who continue to do the work. It also is an opportunity for people to be innovative and to build comradery and cooperation interdepartmentally. Many of us don’t often get between campuses, so the society gives us a means to learn more about others’ work and brainstorm potential future collaborations.” 

In the coming months, the university will host events to celebrate the society’s 20 years on campus. More information will be shared when it becomes available. 

“These are people who got their tenure and promotion and said, ‘That’s a good start. How do I continue to build up the university?’ They are some of the hardest working faculty on campus, and their dedication and expertise are awe inspiring,” Klugman says. “I am proud to stand next to them and am happy for the opportunity to celebrate the society’s legacy this academic year.” 

In addition to anniversary celebrations, the society will add up to three new members this academic year. Those interested in applying for membership can learn more online​. ​

A list of current and former members is available online​