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TEDx 2016 videos
TEDxDePaulUniversity participants (left to right): Kinza Khan, Laith Saud, Dorothy Griggs, Dexter Zollicoffer (emcee), Ken Butigan, Alyssa Westring, Mark McGreevy, Winifred Curran, Derise Tolliver Atta and Jacqueline Martinez. Speakers not pictured: Fr. Ed Udovic, Shailja Sharma and Gabrielle Presbitero. (Photo by Diane M. Smutny)
With topics ranging from gentrification and refugees to battling homelessness and campaigning for nonviolence, speakers shared their personal stories and expertise through the theme, "What Must Be Done?" at TEDxDePaulUniversity on April 29.

The speakers at the event included faculty, staff, students and alumni. Their diverse range of powerful topics inspired many of the attendees and provoked important conversations within the community.​

Here is a list of the talks from TEDxDePaulUniversity

Ken Butigan │ Mainstreaming Nonviolence

What does a world without violence look like? Butigan discusses this increasingly important question in his TEDxDePaulUniversity talk, "Mainstreaming Nonviolence." Watch >>

Winifred Curran │ Gentrification is not Inevitable: Care and Resistance

As a lover of cities, Curran's work has focused on understanding the effects of gentrification on urban landscapes. She discusses her work and personal experiences with gentrification in her TEDxDePaulUniversity presentation, "Gentrification is not Inevitable: Care and Resistance." Watch >>

Dorothy Griggs │ Can You Cry For Me? Will You Cry With Me?

Griggs is a passionate writer who seeks to help individuals who are marginalized understand that they don't have to define themselves by someone else's limited vision of them. She also encourages courageous and honest dialogue among individuals, which she challenges in her talk: "Can You Cry For Me? Will You Cry With Me?" Watch >>

Kinza Khan │ The Multitudes of a Single Muslim Identity

In her talk, "The Multitudes of a Single Muslim Identity," Khan discusses her decision to wear a headscarf, her decision to stop wearing a headscarf, and stereotypes she faces as a young Muslim woman in America today. Watch >>

Jacqueline Martinez │ In Cities I'd Never Lived

Martinez has spent her undergraduate career at DePaul University researching comparative international educational practices in hopes of one day making education a global human right, which she discusses in her talk: "In Cities I'd Never Lived." Watch >>

Mark McGreevy │ Massaging Life into a Wooden Leg

Is it possible to end global homelessness or make the impossible possible? McGreevy tackles these questions in his talk: "Massaging Life into a Wooden Leg." Watch >>

Gabrielle Presbitero │ I did my Best: Overcoming the Pursuit of Praise

Presbitero was only 16 years old when she began her college career at DePaul University. In her TEDxDePaulUniversity presentation, "I did my Best: Overcoming the Pursuit of Praise," she discusses what life is like "without medals" and discovering her own identity. Watch >>

Laith Saud │ The Stranger: Human Nature and the Other

"To change hearts, you must change minds." In his TEDxDePaulUniversity talk, "The Stranger: Human Nature and the Other," Saud challenges traditional perceptions of Muslim and discusses the contradiction between thoughts and feelings.  Watch >>

Shailja Sharma│ Refugees with Benefits

As the daughter of refugees, Sharma knows first-hand how much refugees have to offer the cities and countries in which they settle. In her talk, "Refugees with Benefits," she discusses her family's experiences and the "gifts," "skills" and "education" they can bring to a local economy. Watch >>

Derise Tolliver Atta │ SANKOFA: Going Back to Fetch Your Inner Voice

In her presentation, "SANKOFA: Going Back to Fetch Your Inner Voice," Tolliver Atta dares viewers to "re-member" who they truly are. Watch >>  

Fr. Edward Udovic │ What Must be Done? Then and Now

As a church historian specializing in the history of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians), Udovic takes a deeper look at TEDxDePaulUniversity's theme in his talk, "What Must be Done? Then and Now." Watch >>

Alyssa Westring │ The Secret Life of a Work-Life Insider

In her presentation, "The Secret Life of a Work-Life Insider," Westring shares her personal journey to find the right work-life balance, and how it has influenced her research on women's careers and creating work cultures conducive to the success of women in medicine. Watch >>

The event was organized by staff and faculty from across the DePaul community with help from the College of Computing and Digital Media's Visiting Artist Series, whose students and faculty provided the technical expertise to record each talk.

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