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Wellness Wednesday: A Guide to Caring for Yourself Right Now

Take Care DePaul

The Division of Student Affairs stands in solidarity with people of color and all marginalized communities. We're committed to social justice and inclusion, and to offering support and resources to our students at all times, but especially in these most difficult times.

In this time of grief and uncertainty, we want you to know that the DePaul community is here for you. Resources are available, including emotional, physical and spiritual services. Use these tips to care for yourself and connect with Health Promotion and Wellness for support and resources.

​Acknowledge your feelings

Navigating the world right now is difficult. Recognize and validate the myriad of thoughts, feelings and emotions you are having and just sit with them. It can be uncomfortable, but let yourself feel whatever you may be feeling.

Recognize your identities

Right now, our nation has become divided. Fear, anger and hurt arise from the continued marginalization and racial injustices across the country. How does all of this affect you and your identities and your privilege? Take time for personal reflection and acknowledge the violence and injustices that have been going on for centuries. And perhaps think about the ways that COVID-19 has affected communities of color and the social inequities that exist.

Check in with your family and friends

What is going on now affects us all in many ways and at various times of the day. Take the time to check in on your friends, family, neighbors, loved ones and colleagues. This is an emotional and traumatic time. Offer support and solidarity and provide a space for them to voice their thoughts, feelings and concerns.

Reduce your news and social media intake

As we all know, information and news travels very quickly on the internet. It is easy to become consumed with the overwhelming amount of information from the many social media sources we have as well as news outlets. Make time to take information in and make time to step away. It can be good to set a limit before sleep so that you are able to get a good night's rest.

Eat, sleep and move

Remember to care for your basic needs, including eating meals and snacks that make you feel nourished and energized, getting enough quality sleep to feel well-rested in the morning, and finding movement that allows your body to feel cared for.

Talk to someone you trust

You have a lot on your mind. Consider reaching out for support to someone that you trust and feel that you can be vulnerable with. This could be a friend, family member or a professional. DePaul offers University Counseling Services (UCS) as well as individual support from Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW). Schedule an appointment with UCS at 773-325-7779 and HPW at 773-325-7129 or email  or complete our online intake form here.

Pause and breathe deeply

The power of deep breathing can be magical. Try the 4-7-8 method. Breathe for 4 seconds, hold the breath for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds. This breathing pattern will help to reduce anxiety, calm your parasympathetic nervous system and help relax your body.

Ask yourself 'what do I need?'

Sometimes we do not know what we need because we never ask ourselves. Try asking yourself this question and see how your brain and your body responds. Than ask yourself 'How can I give this to myself?'

Take action

The hardest part can sometimes be not knowing how to help or make change. Ask yourself 'what do I want to do?' and 'how can I make an impact?' Once you can answer those questions, those answers might lead you to where you need to take action and how you can make a difference.

DePaul Resources

We also recognize that our students will be in preparation for final exams soon. If you find yourself interested in ways to relax and care for yourself follow @healthydepaul on Facebook Instagram and Twitter to learn more about relaxation, stress-reduction and caring for yourself in preparation for finals.

For more information, resources and support, reach out to Health Promotion and Wellness.

We stand by you, we are here for you and we support you.

Take care of yourself, take care of each other & take care DePaul!