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Wellness Wednesday: Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest
(Courtesy of Health Promotion and Wellness)

As the dark morning sky remains much longer and the nights become chillier, we are reminded of the summer season escaping us. Next we will witness the magic of the leaves transforming to a beautiful burnt orange and brilliant red colors. As we transition to autumn, we can take some time to reflect and honor the harvest. Whether that is the bountiful harvest you may have cultivated in your garden, or the intentions you had set forth for your life in the beginning of the year, it's a  time to pause and eflect. Open your mind and your hearts to all that you have to be thankful and grateful for in the world.

Gratitude can be a powerful spiritual and emotional practice. It can give us perspective and meaning in our life. As we wake up each day, it is hard not to think about the loss, the trauma, the anger and the hurt that have been cultivated the past few months. It can be easy to allow these emotions to fire us up and make us even angrier and more hurt.

Instead, challenge yourself to pause and take some deep breaths – maybe even close your eyes and continue to take deep breaths that rise from your belly all the way up to your throat and out through an open exhaled mouth. Do this a few times and notice how your body and mind feel. Ask yourself, “How do I feel" and then ask, “What do I need?" And finally, ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?" These questions may be difficult to answer. Continue to ask yourself these questions. Then pause and breathe.

Allow yourself room to feel everything and nothing at all.

During the autumn equinox, let's honor all we have in our lives and shift our consciousness from a lack of to an abundance mindset by focusing our intentions on gratitude. Similar to nature, our lives are going through cycles of growth, harvest, death and rebirth. Let's set up our internal space for what is to come next and recharge ourselves to take on whatever it is that persists. By allowing ourselves room to relax and breathe, we are cultivating a mindset that invites our body to pause and sit with whatever is present. Rather than shifting our focus and worrying about things that have already happened (the past) or things that have yet to happen (the future), let's focus on the here and right now.

Go out for a walk and breathe in that fresh air. Yes, even with your mask on, you can do this. Notice the beautiful autumn transformations in nature. Take notice of the leaves and the trees and the people around you. Be present and aware of the spaces and places that you go. And when you have some time, allow yourself to reflect on the past few months. How have the past few months changed you? What have you learned, and how have you grown? What are you grateful for?

Let us allow the magic of autumn to wrap us up in warm blankets and share our deepest thoughts of gratitude. ​