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DePaul Art Museum (DPAM) enriches DePaul University’s commitments to innovation, diversity and education through the interdisciplinary lens of art. The museum is a dynamic, inclusive space for art and ideas to connect people across local, national and international communities. The museum’s exhibitions, public programs, and permanent collection advance knowledge and understanding in a global society.

DPAM’s purpose is to connect people through art and ideas that explore the vast range of human experience and expression. We provide an inclusive platform for innovative artistic voices with a program that bridges local and global concerns.


DePaul Art Museum is a world-class museum in the Lincoln Park neighborhood that...

  • features Chicago-based artists at various stages of their careers and play an important role to support the Chicago art community.
  • presents artistic innovation and excellence in the art of our time.
  • relates to interdisciplinary offerings, constituencies, and strengths of DePaul University.
  • increases the participation of Latin American, African Diaspora, Asian Diaspora, women, Indigenous, LGBTQ, and other under-recognized artists, staff, and interns in museums.
  • reflects the dynamic, varied populations and communities within Chicago.

​Teaching Vision

  • To open minds and build curiosity for lifelong learning.
  • To be a space for teaching how to look closely and think critically.
  • To be a resource for faculty and teachers throughout Chicago.
  • To provide real-world professional opportunities to student employees.