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Past Events

Marcela Torres: Fire Drilling

Saturday, June 12, 4pm

In conjunction with LatinXAmerican, Marcela Torres performs world-in-the-song as part of Fire Drilling, an ongoing performance project that explores tobacco’s relationship to Latinidad and how western ideologies of capitalism transformed the resource of enlightenment into enslavement, displacement, illness, and diaspora. world-in-the-song focuses on original preparations of the master plant, centered on Indigenous cosmologies through tobacco pastes, snuff, and juices.

In addition to streaming this event virtually, we will have 10 tickets available for those who wish to attend in person. To reserve a spot please email by June 9.

This program is generously supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

La Otra Ribera: Peruvian Photography Virtual Exhibition Launch

Thursday, June 3, 5pm

This inaugural event launches La Otra Ribera. Photography, Nation and Mestizaje in the early 20th century Arequipa, Perua, a virtual exhibition curated by curated by Christine Mladic Janney, Juan Carlos Belon, and Ros Postigo of CIEFO, featuring images from the photographic archive of Manuel Jesús Glave and Víctor Alcázar. This event will open with a brief presentation of the exhibition on its virtual platform followed by a discussion about the historical context and state of conservation of the photographic archive, as well as the role of photography in the construction of Arequipa’s regional imaginary during the first half of the 20th century. Panelists will include Juan Carlos Belón, Christine Mladic Janney, Ros Postigo, Thomas Love and Eusebio Quiroz Paz Soldán; Fiorella Quintanilla and Pamela Cabala will moderate the conversation.

Co-organized by the Center for Research and Studies for Photography (CIEFO) and the Universidad Católica San Pablo, the Bicentennial Commission of the Universidad Católica San Pablo, the Center for the Arts of the Universidad Católica San Pablo, and the Centro de Estudios Peruvians from the San Pablo Catholic University of Arequipa, Peru. Sponsored by DePaul Art Museum (DPAM) and the Department of Latin American and Latino Studies at DePaul University, and supported by the Department of Modern Languages ​​at DePaul University.


Inauguración de la exposición virtual sobre el archivo fotográfico de Manuel Jesús Glave y Víctor Alcázar “La Otra Ribera. Fotografía, nación y mestizaje en la primera mitad del Siglo XX en Arequipa, Perú” curado por Christine Mladic Janney, Juan Carlos Belon y Ros Postigo de CIEFO. Este evento iniciará con una breve presentación de la exposición en su plataforma virtual, seguido de un conversatorio que abarcará temas sobre el archivo fotográfico, su estado de conservación, el contexto histórico; y el rol que desempeñó la fotografía en la construcción del imaginario regional de Arequipa en la primera mitad del Siglo XX. Se contará con la participación como panelistas de Juan Carlos Belón, Christine Mladic Janney, Ros Postigo, Thomas Love y Eusebio Quiroz Paz Soldán; y moderarán la conversación Fiorella Quintanilla y Pamela Cabala.

Co-organizado por el Centro de Investigación y Estudios para la Fotografía (CIEFO) y la Universidad Católica San Pablo, la Comisión Bicentenario de la Universidad Católica San Pablo, el Centro de las Artes de la Universidad Católica San Pablo, y el Centro de Estudios Peruanos de la Universidad Católica San Pablo de Arequipa, Perú. Patrocinado por el Museo de Arte de (DPAM) y el Departamento de Estudios Latinoamericanos y Latinos en la Universidad DePaul, y apoyados por el Departamento de Lenguas Modernas de la Universidad DePaul.


“Exposición virtual” nisqa qallarinqa Manuel Jesús Glaveq Víctor Alcázarpa ima phutu pirwankunamanta “Huk kaq mayu pata. Arequipapi, Perúpi phutu, suyu, misti kay ima “XX Siglo ” nisqa kushkan qallariynin ukhupi”, kay llank`anaqa qallarinqa pisimanta pisi kay “exposición virtual” nisqapi chaymanta rimanakuy qallarinqa phutu pirwa waqaychasqamanta, imayna kasqanmanta, “contexto histórico” nisqamanta; imaynatapunin Arequipa runakuna kay phutukunata qhawarinku “XX Siglo” nisqa kushkan qallariynin ukhupi. Hinallataq rimarinqaku wawqenchiskuna panachiskuna: Juan Carlos Belón, Christine Mladic Janney, Ros Postigo, Thomas Love, Eusebio Quiroz Paz Soldán ima; rimay kushkachaqtaq kanqa Fiorella Quintanilla, Pamela Cabalawan.

A Night at the Museum with the Latinx Alumni Chapter

Thursday, June 3, 6:00pm

Join the Latinx Alumni chapter as DePaul Art Museum's Interim Director, Laura-Caroline de Lara, takes us on a virtual tour of the museum's highly acclaimed LatinxAmerican exhibition. This intergenerational exhibition features nearly 40 Latinx artists from Chicago and beyond, bringing a voice to those artists and communities too-often omitted from our histories as a city and a nation. This highlights tour will explore the impetus behind the exhibition and the museum's multi-year Latinx initiative, while discussing such themes as immigration, family and material through an incredible range of artworks.

For more information on the museum and the exhibition visit

Open to all! Registration Deadline: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 Registrants will receive a Zoom link the day of the event via email. The program is a partnership between DePaul Art Museum and DePaul University's Office of Alumni Relations and its Latinx Alumni Chapter.

Latinx Art within the Archipelago: Presented by Curator Aldeide Delgado and Artists Yelaine Rodriguez, Juana Valdés, and Nyugen E. Smith

Wednesday, June 2, 6pm

How do we consider the complexities of mixed heritages, multilingualism, and transnational migration within the category of “Latinx Art”? This panel problematizes the Latinidad concept and its relationship to Blackness as part of the modern/colonial project. Informed by contemporary archipelagic thinking, the panelists will reveal their practice while recognizing Latinx identity not as a holistic synthesis, but rather as a complex network of interrelationships between various traditions around the world that met in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean.

This program is generously supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Curator Conversations with DPAM’s Assistant Curator Ionit Behar and Artist Rodrigo Lara Zendejas

*NEW DATE: Tuesday, May 25, 6pm

This year International Museum Day falls on May 18th and to celebrate DePaul Art Museum (DPAM) is collaborating with 21c Museum Hotel Chicago. DPAM’s Assistant Curator, Ionit Behar will be in conversation with artist Rodrigo Lara Zendejas who currently has work on view in DPAM’s exhibition LatinXAmerican, which features 38 Latinx artists from the Chicagoland area and beyond.

Curator Conversations at 21c Museum Hotel Chicago is a monthly series that asks a local art curator to chat with an artist of their choice with ties to the Chicago arts community. Each month those pairings change to give viewers a look into the rich arts community in the city.

On Collaboration with Dianna Frid and Carla Nappi moderated by Cesáreo Moreno

Thursday, May 20, 6pm

This program explores the important role of interdisciplinary collaboration in artmaking, writing, and curating. Artist Dianna Frid included in DPAM’s exhibition LatinXAmerican and historical pataphysician Carla Nappi have collaborated on multiple occasions and will discuss their most recent research and art projects in Oaxaca, Chicago, and Croatia. This program will be moderated by Cesáreo Moreno, Visual Arts Director and Chief Curator, National Museum of Mexican Art, who will also share his vast experiences––mainly the joys and possibilities––of institutional and personal collaborations.

This program is generously supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.


Saturday, May 15, 3:00pm

DePaul Art Museum is proud to partner again with the DePaul Experimental Film showcase for a 95-minute virtual screening featuring 38 student films that span many forms of the experimental filmmaking medium. The work is challenging and complex, stunning visually, and incredibly personal. The projects were created by DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts students in the Experimental Filmmaking I class and were selected by jury members Raul Benitez, Magdalena Hernández and David Wallace Haskins.

View the trailer and follow the link in the info section on May 15 at 3pm to attend the program.

Release of LatinXAmerican Spotify Playlist curated by DJ CQQCHIFRUIT

Friday, May 7, 12pm

DJ CQQCHIFRUIT created a Spotify playlist inspired by the exhibition LatinXAmerican at DePaul Art Museum. Stay tuned on May 7 at noon for the release of the playlist!

Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero aka CQQCHIFRUIT is an interdisciplinary genderqueer artist and DJ of mixed Puerto Rican and Cuban descent originally from Hialeah, FL. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Northwestern University with concentrations in theater and dance in 2010, Guerrero became immersed in Chicago’s LGBTQIA+ nightlife underground. DJing, performing, and organizing in queer nightlife spaces since 2012, they are a co-founder of TRQPITECA, an artist duo and multimedia event production company that celebrates queer art and dance music culture. The potential of communal dance floors as sites that empower radical embodiment, healing, and liberation is a focus of their personal and collaborative social practice.

Photo: @colectivomultipolar

Seeing Family in Latinx Art: A Conversation with Diana Solís, Nicole Marroquin, and Deanna Ledezma

Wednesday, April 21, 6:00pm

DePaul Art Museum hosts a conversation with Chicago-based artists and arts educators, Diana Solís and Nicole Marroquin, and Deanna Ledezma, a photography studies scholar and writer. Building upon the nonbinary, gender-inclusive term used in the exhibition title, the panel will discuss how Latinx art expands notions of family and kinship. If the category of Latinx encompasses an array of identities and experiences, then how might Latinx art destabilize dominant ideas of family? How have issues of race, class, nationality, and sexuality shaped how Latinx artists visualize “the family”? The panelists will draw upon their own creative, research, and archival practices as well as artworks featured in the exhibition—including Solís’s photographs—to explore questions about the notion of family.

This program is generously supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

LatinXAmerican Podcast, Episode 10: Nicole Marroquin

Friday, April 16, 12pm

As part of our Latinx Initiative and our current exhibition LatinXAmerican (January 7–August 15, 2021), DPAM is proud to partner with Ivan LOZANO of Archives + Futures (A+F), a podcast for and about Latinx and Indigenous visual artists of the Americas. LOZANO will interview ten artists featured in DPAM’s exhibition LatinXAmerican and each episode will be released every other Friday beginning Friday, December 4).

In this tenth and final episode, Ivan interviews Nicole Marroquin about the Texan experience vs the Michigan experience, how punk music can lead to liberation, learning how to be better from younger generations and leaving breadcrumbs for them, CPS, pedagogy, and how her practice makes the public history of student movements and institutions in Chicago accessible. A truly inspiring conversation and a perfect end to the season!

Presented by DePaul Art Museum in partnership with Ivan LOZANO of the Archives + Futures Podcast. This podcast is generously supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

On the episode's release date, you can find this episode in the podcast section of our LatinXAmerican exhibition site.