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Faculty Programs

A visit to DPAM’s collection and special exhibitions can enhance coursework and provide opportunities for students to discuss cultural issues in a new context. The museum offers staff-led exhibition tours, customized collection visits, and self-guided exhibition visits.

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Teaching Vision:
To open minds and build curiosity for lifelong learning.
To be a space for teaching how to look closely and think critically.
To be a resource for faculty and teachers throughout Chicago.
To provide real-world professional opportunities to student employees.

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Consult DPAM Exhibition Research Guides​.

Programs for DePaul Faculty Only

Join the Faculty Forum

The Faculty Forum works to integrate teaching at DePaul Art Museum into courses across campus and build relationships among DPAM staff and faculty from all DePaul colleges. At the first meeting of each year DPAM staff will provide a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum. In addition, DPAM staff will share information about upcoming exhibitions to help inspire the Faculty Forum to identify opportunities for teaching and collaboration. Together we will find innovative and exciting ways to foster creativity, critical thinking, and visual literacy as integral parts of the academic experience.

All Faculty Forum members must incorporate DPAM into their teaching once an academic year and attend mandatory meetings twice a year—fall and spring—at DePaul Art Museum. In addition, members will serve as ambassadors for the museum across campus and within their college by providing updates at their faculty college meetings and bringing friends to DPAM events and exhibition openings.

All full time and part time DePaul Faculty are eligible.