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BEVERLY FRESH: Really Somethin Else

​ April 26 – August 5, 2018​

In his first solo museum exhibition in Chicago, artist, musician, and back-road drifter Beverly Fresh takes on the incongruities, social rituals, and archetypes of the rural Midwest. Pulling from age-old performance traditions, juvenile graffiti, backyard debauchery, adult social clubs, amateur living room theater, and pig wrestling, BEVERLY FRESH: Really Somethin Else is a keyed-up regurgitation of rural Midwestern symbols, behaviors, and vernacular. His immersive installations take visitors through peripheral elements of American culture.

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BEVERLY FRESH: Really Somethin Else is organized by DePaul Art Museum and curated by Julie Rodrigues Widholm, Director and Chief Curator. Support for this exhibition is provided by the University Research Council (URC) grant, DePaul University.