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Climate of Uncertainty

January 10 – March 24, 2013​

Climate of Uncertainty presents the work of twelve artists who address issues of environmental degradation resulting from human activities. Scientists are ringing alarm bells about climate change, species loss, industrial pollution, and deforestation, and though most of us are aware of these problems, we often choose to ignore them. But this apparent lack of interest might instead be the response to limited strategies for engagement. The artists gathered here draw in their audiences visually and experientially, using a fresh vocabulary to build a public movement. Each artist begins a dialogue with the viewer, challenging us to action. Their striking visual images serve not only to emphasize the state of the world around us, but also to help us see the destructive path that we have thoughtlessly taken and ultimately to imagine a more hopeful future.

Featured artists include Marissa Benedict, Edward Burtynsky, Terry Evans, Sonja Hinrichsen, Allison Grant, Chris Jordan, Maskull Lasserre, Marilyn Propp, Sabrina Raaf, Christina Seely, Daniel Shea, and Toshio Shibata.