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Liminal Infrastructure

May 14 – August 9, 2015


​Liminal Infrastructure featured newly-commissioned photographs made in and around Chicago by Lauren Bon, Richard Nielsen, and Tristan Duke of the Optics Division of the Metabolic Studio. Working with the Liminal Camera, a massive portable camera fashioned from a shipping container, the Optics Division utilizes experimental photographic technology in an ongoing project to map and depict the American landscape. The large-scale prints produced in Chicago not only engage with the evolving history of photographic imaging but also place the city within a complex global network of waterways, transportation, industry, and commerce.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with the Chicago Humanities Festival. Watch a full video​ conversation between artists Lauren Bon, Richard Nielsen, and Tristan Duke, and CHF Emeritus Artistic Director Lawrence Weschler, which took place as part of the Chicago Humanities Festival in fall of 2014.

A companion exhibition, Liminal Portraits, was on view May 15–28 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere.