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Nexo / Nexus: Latin American Connections in the Midwest

January 28 – April 24 / 2016

A dynamic space between the Midwest and Latin America is mapped—and sometimes collapsed—through the artworks featured in this exhibition, drawn primarily from the DePaul Art Museum Collection. The diverse artists are not connected by any single style, technique, profile, or perspective, but by direct or familial connections to Latin America, as well as by interactions with Chicago or other places in the larger region. The Midwest has served as either a transitory or permanent stopping point, as a site of fruitful inspiration, and as a productive geographic nexus for this group of artists with fundamental ties to Mexico, Cuba and Puerto Rico—and in many cases to each other, in this context.

Artists include: José Bedia, José Bernal, Nicolás de Jesús, Hector Duarte, Felipe Ehrenberg, Nereida Garcia Ferraz, José Guerrero, Luis Jiménez, Maria Martínez-Cañas, Antonio Martorell, Angel Otero, and Bibiana Suárez

This exhibition is organized by Bibiana Suàrez, DePaul Professor of Art and Vincent de Paul Professor of Art, Media, and Design; and Delia Cosentino, DePaul Associate Professor of History of Art and Architecture on the occasion of the Latino Art Now! Conference.

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