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Stranger Things

June 21 – August 6 / 2017

This exhibition brings together several recent purchases and gifts of art to the DePaul Art Museum collection by artists, primarily from Chicago, who create forms that are vaguely familiar but impossible to name. Some works, for example, seem to suggest body parts, plants, animals, or buildings, but become difficult to identify with any certainty. Working against representational traditions in sculpture, drawing and painting, these artists invent new forms that delight in the inability to answer the simple question, “what is it?” and invite viewers to be comfortable with not knowing.

The featured artists include Robert Bladen, Miriam Bloom, Alex Chitty, Chris Garofalo, Magalie Guerin, David Jackson, Paul LaMantia, Sterling Lawrence, Jim Lutes, Sandra Perlow, Richard Rezac, and David Richards.

This exhibition is curated by Julie Rodrigues Widholm, DPAM Director and Chief Curator. ​