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Whitney Bradshaw: Outcry

September 6 – December 16 / 2018

Chicago-based photographer Whitney Bradshaw (American, b. 1969) creates and encourages an empowering vision of contemporary women and to capture both diversity and collective experience, drawing upon her own background in social work. Her process involves inviting groups of women who don’t know one another to her studio for a gathering, focusing on community building as well as supporting each other as they, bravely, let out feelings that are often silenced or dismissed in our culture. “Outcry” provides women a space where they can be heard, supported and encouraged to speak out and up for themselves and for one another. 

The resulting photographs generate awareness and encourage viewers to consider important issues directly related to sexism, racism, and classism, as well as the resilience of survivors. It fosters a culture in which women feel safe enough to speak because they are always heard, believed and supported. She emphasizes the importance of representing women of many different backgrounds and to draw attention to the ways women are and are not represented in visual culture and media. For the artist, the project also calls into question photography’s relationship with truth as many of the images appear to depict emotions ranging from laughter to joy, rather than outrage. “Outcry” challenges stereotypes around women and femininity, demanding a reconsideration of what beauty and power look like. 

This exhibition is organized by DPAM Director and Chief Curator Julie Rodrigues Widholm and Assistant Curator Mia Lopez.

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