Public Events


Public Events

All events are free and open to everyone and take place at DePaul Art Museum unless otherwise noted.

Upcoming Public Events

Ear Taxi Festival Preview Concerts: Janice Misurell-Mitchell & Devin Clara Fanslow

Saturday, July 17, 2pm

DePaul Art Museum is pleased to partner with Ear Taxi Festival to bring a series of concerts and workshops to our galleries and across Chicago from July through October! This year’s theme, HEAR CHICAGO, highlights the vast array of styles and traditions of our city’s musical identity of the 21st century and, at DPAM, will focus on the Latinx and Latin American musicians and composers that add to the vibrancy of our artistic landscape across Chicago.

These first in-person performances at DPAM include The Light that Burns, in memoriam, Gabriel Mitchell, written and performed by Janice Misurell-Mitchell for solo flute and voice. Based on a phrase from the film Blade Runner: “The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long”, this composition contains both scripted and improvised material. Written after the death of the composer’s filmmaker, artist, and songwriter son Gabriel, this piece is a memorial to him and others who passed away too soon. Then, Fire Thief, led by composer/instrumentalist Devin Clara Fanslow, is a program of guided improvisation pieces written by Latinx composers, comprised of wind and plucked string instruments. In keeping with the mission of DPAM’s LatinXAmerican exhibition of promoting the work of Latinx and Latin American artists, the program will include musical works by Inti Figgis-Vizueta, David Mendoza, Spencer Arias, Joseph Jones and more.


Ear Taxi Festival Preview Concerts: KAIA String Quartet

Saturday, July 24, 2pm

As part of DePaul Art Museum’s partnership with Ear Taxi Festival we bring a series of concerts and workshops to our galleries and across Chicago from July through October!

An advocate for the performance of the music of Latin America, Chicago-based KAIA String Quartet will present a program of Mexican and Uruguayan composers from the early 20th Century to the present, from Javier Alvarez’s provocative work “Metro Chabacano”, inspired by an art installation by Marcos Limenes in Mexico City to the “Second String Quartet” of Silvestre Revueltas, subtitled “Magueyes,” (the part of the agave plant used to make tequila). The second half of the program will feature the colorful and emotional “First String Quartet” of Carlos Chavez, a remarkable peek into the work from this brilliant composer. Finally, KAIA will perform the world premiere of a String Quartet by Elbio Barilari. Written in 2020, this work is rich with the rhythms and sounds of Barilari’s native Uruguay and is a delightful way to end this diverse and exciting afternoon of music.


Virtual Launch: GAME NIGHT with Josue Pellot

Wednesday, July 28, 12pm

GAME NIGHT is a series of gatherings hosted by Chicago artist and rare game collector Josue Pellot. Selected guests were invited to play rare board games such “Capital Punishment” from 1981 and “What Shall I be? The Exciting Game of Career Girls” from 1966, at DePaul Art Museum. The games dissect social systems and structures and the main objective is to stimulate conversations throughout generations and identities of Chicago residents. GAME NIGHT challenges people to engage with topics that are taboo, to have healthy discourse through entertainment with enlightenment and education being the end goal.

The recorded games will be released on Wednesday, July 28 on DPAM’s YouTube Channel.