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Past Events

Curator’s Tour of 'A Natural Turn' (In-person)

Sunday, October 23, 1pm

Please join us Sunday, October 23 for an in-person tour of A Natural Turn: María Berrío, Joiri Minaya, Rosana Paulino and Kelly Sinnapah Mary with the exhibition’s curator, Ionit Behar, PhD. This exhibition features the works of four artists living in the Americas: María Berrío (Colombian, b. 1982), Joiri Minaya (Dominican-United Statesian, b. 1990), Rosana Paulino (Brazilian, b. 1967), and Kelly Sinnapah Mary (Indo-Guadeloupean, b. 1981). Pushing the boundaries of figuration, Berrío, Minaya, Paulino, and Sinnapah create bold and unforgettable images of truth and fiction within both personal and collective histories. Their works exist at the intersection of individual imagination and our shared natural, socio- and geopolitical landscapes––a unique space that mixes both beauty and violence at once. The tour will explore the artists’ surrealist approach to figuration as a means to interrogate structures of power and borders—those defined by geography, nationality, or language—to expand our understanding of the real and the imagined.

Image credit:
María Berrío, In a Time of Drought, 2016. Collage with Japanese paper and watercolor paint on canvas, 60 x 72 in. Courtesy of Carla Shen and Chris Schott