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Past Events

"The Library of Gestures SV.s5": A performance by Natalia Villanueva Linares

Saturday, September 30, 2:30–3:30pm

In conjunction with DPAM’s exhibition Life Cycles, artist Natalia Villanueva Linares presents the fifth session of The Library of Gestures, a participatory action where a 35–40 people are given the opportunity to join the artist and transform objects individually as part of a shared action and with collective instruction. Connected to her piece Dual 10 made out of tissue paper exhibited in Life Cycles, this performance is a means to create and accumulate new knowledge through experience, it is an encounter between a person, an object, sharing in communion with others.

To register to be part of this unique performance we invite you to register by emailing Ionit Behar at by September 25, 2023. Must be older than 15 years old to participate.

Natalia Villanueva Linares is a Chicago-based, French-Peruvian artist whose work is rooted in performance, installation, interventions, and other participatory practices. Her interdisciplinary practice prompts a deeper connection to space and community.

This program is supported by DePaul’s Latinx Cultural Center, the Center for Latino Research, and Tepeyac.