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Past Events

Childhood Memories: Frottage

Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 2-2:30pm

Please join us for a performative action by Selva Aparicio as she does a frottage of her carved rug Childhood Memories (2023-24) presented in her DePaul Art Museum solo show In Memory Of. A frottage is a technique that involves rubbing a medium such as graphite onto a paper that has been placed on top of a textured object. Aparicio has done frottages of a variety of surfaces in the past, one of them being her work Mourning August 17, 2017, as a response to the terrorist attack in Las Ramblas, Barcelona. Aparicio organized a collective frottage the morning after the incident, where people created a 1800 ft long frottage of the van’s path in order to collect a visual history of the moment and initiate a grieving process.

Image: Selva Aparicio makes frottage of Catalan ruins at Parc Natural de la Serra de Collserola, Barcelona, Spain. ca. 2015.