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Brand Narrative

​Our brand narrative is our story, told at its highest level and simplest form. It articulates the brand in one cohesive statement. It should not be used as externally facing copy, but as a gut-check or filter when creating communications. It should inspire both the message and the tone.

​​ ​
At DePaul, we know who we are.
We believe in the promise of education—for those willing to imagine it, reach for it, and work hard to achieve it.
And we know the impact we make every day.
We challenge our students—with a dedication to scholarly study, a passion for teaching, and an awareness of the world around us. We immerse them in a curriculum that addresses the needs of today, while they gain the knowledge and skills to tackle the ever-evolving obstacles and opportunities ahead.
We teach our students to be undaunted by scale or complexity. Grounded in valuable, real-world experiences, in and outside the classroom, our students become confident, engaged citizens of a global city.
We respect others. As advocates for each individual, we promote diversity—not just of people, but also ideas and perspectives.
It’s at this unique intersection of a purposeful education, a bold environment, and a caring ethos where you will find DePaul.
This is where the urban educated become world ready.
This is DePaul.​