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Telling Our Story

What makes DePaul different?

DePaul is unlike any other university.  We have an outstanding academic reputation supported by strong rankings and passionate faculty, a vibrant link to Chicago that we leverage throughout the academic experience, and responsible values infused into all we do.  We call these core components our ‘Education, Environment and Ethos.  They define who we are, and they are the pillars of our story.  We're beginning a conversation here where we'll share some of our best stories.  *If you have one to share, you can submit it via the link below.

Continuing the Story

What's Your Story?

We'll be collecting stories over the next several months.  This month, we're collecting 'ethos' stories like the ones seen on our facebook link here.  If you'd like to submit yours for consideration, contact the Marketing Strategy Team.

Social at DePaul

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DePaul’s education is purposeful, practical and infused with real-world and global perspectives.  Here are some of our stories:

Chris Bury

Chris Bury:  As an ABC national correspondent based in Chicago, Chris Bury reported for World News, Nightline and Good Morning America. Currently, he’s hosting a weekly public affairs program called “In the Loop” (on WYCC, a PBS affiliate) and freelancing for America Tonight on the Al-Jazeera American network. As DePaul's senior journalist in residence, Bury teaches “basic boot camp” reporting, political reporting and storytelling techniques. Here, the winner of six Emmys and two Peabodys shares his perspective about journalism and his enthusiasm for teaching at DePaul.

Maria Hinojosa
Maria Hinojosa:  An award-winning investigative reporter; founder and president of The Futuro Media Group; anchor/executive producer of “Latino USA” on National Public Radio; and anchor/producer of her own series, "America by the Numbers with Maria Hinojosa"; Chair in Latin American and Latino Studies. Born in 1961 in Mexico, Hinojosa was an early proponent of women's rights and equal access to education; today, she is considered the “first feminist” of the New World. Hinojosa teaches four courses across the academic year. Here, she talks about her first year at DePaul. 

Professors Bamshad Mobasher and Robin Burke's research has provided data-driven solutions for customizing e-commerce and has personalized the user experience at some of the Web's most popular sites. Consulting for high-tech companies allows them to provide students the rare opportunity to work with real data. View their story below.


DePaul’s connection to Chicago is one of our greatest assets, and we leverage it to ensure our students are professionally experienced and networked.  Here are some of our stories:


DePaul’s ethos focuses on developing respect for others and valuing each person’s capacity to contribute.  Here are some of our stories:

One of the important questions St Vincent de Paul would ask is "What must be done?"  That philosophy informs our students with a sense of responsibility to our local and global communities.  And the crisis in Flint, Michigan, is no exception.  This story explains how DePaul students can give back with their dining cards while using the hashtag #FlexforFlint.  Read the story here.

Challenge Yourself Empower Others 
Global Brigades is the largest student-led global health and sustainable development initiative in the world. Global Brigades works in Honduras, Panamá, Ghana and Nicaragua. Through Global Brigades, student volunteers participate in one to three week long skill-based, service trips, called brigades, to address health and development challenges in rural communities. There are currently nine different types of brigades students can participate in, each doing sustainable development projects related to that area of skill.  Read more about Global Brigades.