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Our Brand

Our Br​and


Our brand is our promise to the world: DePaul is the university that prepares graduates to work, succeed, and contribute in the global community.

Proof Points

We defend that positioning with four proof points: Our foundation of respected academics and real-world knowledge, balanced with the urban and multicultural experiences of Chicago and an awareness of social responsibility.


The result is our essence or what we stand for at our core:
Urban Educated - World Ready


This essence is expressed in our brand personality—in the way we connect with our audiences and with the world at large. Here are our six personality attributes.

APPROACHABLE: We warmly welcome others into our community.

RESPECTFUL: We value all individuals for their ideas, perspectives and abilities to contribute. 

AWARE: We understand the complexities of our diverse world, and our role in it. 

URBAN: Like our city, we are hard-working, diverse and confident, and we thrive on the energy around us.

INNOVATIVE: We constantly look for new ways to align our education with today’s marketplace. 

COMMUNITY-MINDED: We care about our community and strive to do the right thing, every time. 

Telling our story in an authentic, compelling way is important. Our personality shows in the voice and imagery we use to make our brand come alive.

VOICE: Our communications are warm and friendly, simple and clear, direct and informative. In everything we say (in print, online or face-to-face), we are authentic and sincere. But perhaps most important of all, our tone is lively and energetic. When telling the DePaul story, keep our six personality attributes in mind. 

IMAGERY: The photography in our communications shows faculty and students—in classrooms and labs, on campus and around the city—interacting in a vibrant community. Images of university buildings or Chicago landscapes act as backdrops to the bigger story: Here, students become urban educated and world ready.